Consign with Us

We accept consignments by appointment only.

Please click here or scroll to the bottom of the page to reserve a time.

How to Consign 

  • Homeschool Items: We accept clean, gently used, educational items of any kind and grade level. Price stickers must be removed from all items. 

  • We do not accept curriculum published prior to 2011. 

  • Baby, Children's, and Maternity Items: We accept clean, gently used items such as clothing, toys, games, baby equipment, furniture and other accessories. Clothing and fabric items should be washed and free of stains and in good repair. Furniture, toys, and equipment must not be a recalled item and include all parts and accessories.

  • You MUST make a Children's Consignment Appointment if you have this type of item so that appropriate staff will be available to process your items.

  • Bring your items and fill out a drop-off sheet for what you are leaving with us. You will be given a receipt, copy of the consignment contract, and a reminder of your consignment period end date. 

  • Depending on the season, it may take a couple of weeks to get your items priced and placed for sale. 

  • Electronic games and toys must be consigned with batteries and be in working order. Games and puzzles need to be counted, organized, and verified as complete, including instructions. This should be done before bringing your things to the consignment appointment.  

  • If you want us to count and verify pieces for you, a convenience fee of $10 per box of items will be deducted from your consignor credit. 

  • If you would rather count and verify these items yourself, please initial the appropriate box on the drop-off sheet. If a customer returns your item after purchasing it b/c it is incomplete, a $5 charge for each item returned will be debited from your consignor account. 


  • Depending on condition, demand, and availability, we typically price curriculum items between 50% - 75% of current retail price and clothing/toys between 25%-75%. We may choose to mark down your items if we have a sale or if they haven’t sold and it is getting close to the end of your consignment period. 

  • Please let us know if you are consigning an especially valuable item so that we can take that into consideration when pricing. 

  • We have sole responsibility for determining price of your items. By dropping off your items, you are giving us permission to price them as we see fit. 


  • Consignors will receive 40% of the selling price of all items sold by the store. If you’d rather receive your balance as store credit, you’ll receive 50% of the selling price in credit. 

  • We ask that consignors call to request their check before coming to the store. We cannot guarantee that someone will be available to issue your check if you drop in without notice. 

  • If the consignor needs a new check issued to replace a lost, stolen, or misplaced issued within the last six months, there will be a charge of $35 to research and stop payment on the original. Checks issued more than six months prior cannot be researched or reissued. 

  • Checks are not issued for amounts less than $25 at any time. If your balance is less than $25, you are welcome to use it as store credit toward any items you wish to purchase.  

  • Due to the number of sales and transactions, we are not able to notify each consignor as their items sell. However, you are welcome to contact us and check your account balance or inventory at any time. 

Items Not Accepted for Consignment 

  • Please plan to wait a few minutes while we look through your items at drop off. Any item that we immediately identify as unacceptable will be returned to you at that time. 

  • If you are consigning baby/children's/maternity items, please plan to wait while we go through your items so we can give you back any that we can't accept. If you leave your items without waiting, we will automatically donate anything we can't accept.

  • We do not accept cassettes, VHS tapes, items with excessive wear or more than 5 pages used/written in or with missing covers. Stained or damaged clothing, toys, or furniture. Recalled or incomplete items.

  • Please note, we will conduct a more detailed inspection of your items when we actually enter them into our system. As a result, we may identify additional unacceptable items after you leave. We will notify you via email that you have unacceptable items and you may pick them up within seven (7) days of this email. Any items not picked up within those seven days will be automatically donated. Please remember to adjust your email spam settings to allow emails from  

Consignment Period 

  • Homeschool Items: Due to the nature of curriculum purchases the consignment period is twelve (12) months from the date the item is consigned.

  • Baby, Children's, and Maternity Items: Consignment period is 90 days from date of drop off. 

  • Beginning one week before the end of your consignment period, you should call or message the store to request a list of any items that haven’t been sold yet. This can only happen during the last week of your consignment period. You will not receive a reminder, so please mark the end date in your calendar. You may then make an appointment to come and pull any unsold items that you want to take back. Any items not picked up by the end of the consignment period will become the property of New Horizons Book Loft, LLC (NHBL). 

  • Consigned items cannot be removed from inventory, except by purchase or as stated above, before the term of the consignment is over. Do not consign any items that you are not prepared to leave for the entire term of the consignment. 

  • Although we will do our best to carefully monitor all consigned items, New Horizons Book Loft will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged items left with us.